Quick Fix for Hiatal Hernia – I thought was Restless Leg Syndrome

Since having cancer and working to heal myself naturally, I have been blessed with not only healing myself of cancer but also of just about every other ailment I ever had! It is amazing how natural healing works. When I found out I had breast cancer, I didn’t want to just attack the cancer, I felt like I needed to find out what went wrong in my body and fix it. I believed in the philosophy that I heard time and time again from natural practitioners – a healthy body does not succumb to cancer. So by figuring out and fixing the problems in my body I received side benefits of healing just about every ailment I ever had, including the cancer. (The surgeries set me back, however, and I am still trying to figure out how to heal from them (especially the sentinel node biopsy).)

One problem I always had, since childhood, was with restless legs, especially at night. It would come and go for years, but was particularly bad when I was pregnant. I would get the pains in my legs at night that would have me twitching away. It felt like crawlers in my legs and as much as would try to keep still I would have to keep stretching out my legs. It was hard to fall asleep. I tried heat, pressure, whatever I could think of to get my legs to relax. When I was pregnant it was the worst. I finally found relief from drinking a few swigs of green liquid chlorophyll. I would drink from the jar that had mint added so that it was more palatable. I thought that was the answer until I spoke with Mike Carey. I told him that I had pains in my legs and at night I couldn’t keep them still. He told me it was a hiatal hernia and then he described a simple method on how I could repair it quickly.


Simple Repair for Hiatal Hernia
Stand up (can also be sitting or laying down) and place your fingers just between your ribs below your breast bone (see image and where his fingers are). Push down with your fingers. If your stomach is too far up you will feel slight discomfort doing this. Not push to the left and then to the right. That is it!



I was told that a hiatal hernia can effect the nerves and trigger pain in various parts of the body that have nothing to do with the stomach. I never had acid reflux or gerd so the “diagnosis” confused me. The results, however, were miraculous! Since applying this simple method I have NEVER had a problem with my legs and sleeping again! I remember a few times laying in bed and feeling my legs starting to hurt. Half asleep, in discomfort, I would apply the method, the pain would subside and I would fall asleep. For years I thought I had restless leg syndrome – was it just a hiatal hernia??

Now if I feel any abnormal, unexplainable muscle pain or even fatigue, I will apply this method. Many times the pain or fatigue will go away. If it doesn’t at least I eliminate hiatal hernia from the possible problems.

I believe healing can be simple and come in many forms. Even if you think I am a nut and over-simplify diseases and aches and pains, it may be worth your time to try this method, just in case you have a hiatal hernia. If not, nothing gained, or lost…


  1. Hernia…what about an umbilical hernia? Any fix ideas?

    • A hiatal hernia is different from when you have a tear in the stomach lining. Coincidentally, I do know about having an umbilical hernia (got the tear from being pregnant). I used comfrey oil/cream along with a neoprene wrap. My hernia rarely protrudes or hurts now and when it does I apply the comfrey oil and wear the wrap. The wrap is also great for helping stomach protrusions (mine was from pregnancy). The wraps are not expensive. I found one in size small as most of the are rather large and come in one size. I bought it on Amazon. It was the best purchase ever!

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