Quote – If you want to go nowhere…

I stressed over my decision to go against Standard of Care.   Not that I questioned what was right for me…rather I questioned WHY I had to be and feel so different from most people around me.   I felt limited support in my passion to treat myself naturally and not listen to my doctors.   I was reminded by my Mother (who has since passed away – sadly) that I was never one to listen to authority.   That really helped me as I seem to have forgotten that I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN DIFFERENT!      I recently looked at my Facebook profile and found my quote that I put in there many years ago…

If you want to get nowhere, follow the crowd.

Charlie Brown


So please don’t feel compelled to follow the crowd.  The crowd doesn’t get anywhere very quickly.   You don’t have to go at the same speed as everyone else!   So pass GO, collect your $200 then go off and do what your inner guide, your gut, tells you to do!!


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