Rapid Image Cycling – Suzanne Clegg – Distant Healing Testimonial

Distance Sessions with Suzanne Clegg – www.spiritgate.com – experience testimonial from Louise in Canada.


The distance treatments with Suzanne are going well.  Today we had both my healers in on the session and it was awesome.  Those people are psychic….  I’m a Christian and I know we’re not supposed to delve into that stuff but I don’t know how else to explain it.  My healer moved his hand and right away Suzanne said “something happened”.  She knew there was a change.  Yesterday my healer “someone’s here, they pulled on my arm.”  Then he looked at me and said “who’s Mary?  Do you have an Aunt Mary?”.  Which I do but she’s alive.  He said that’s ok, she could be praying about you.  My Dad’s side of the family (Auntie Mary being his sister) are strong Catholics.  I am feeling like a million bucks.  I am off the medicines that I reacted to and am slowing going back on all the “good ones”.  Of which there still are a lot.  The biggest tumor seems to have shrunk a little bit in width but some areas of it appear to be growing a tiny bit.  All in all I think it’s gotten a tad smaller or is the same (thicker but definitely not as wide).


I have finished listening to Bengston’s cd’s (Rapid Image Cycling) and am learning to cycle.  I am not past saying my “image word” in my head…geez that slows me down but apparently it gets easier.  I am very excited about this.  Suzanne is excited to meet my healer friends and they are excited to meet her.


And I have you to thank for all this.  You really helped me out a lot Dolores.  If you have any tips or tricks to learning the cycling that helped you, please do share.  Suzanne said you mastered it.  I have 18 things on my list.





My answer to her question about how to master Rapid Image Cycling:

For the cycling i had the same troubles as you but i only started w 7 images.  I finally just let the words go and faithfully “threw” the images in the air.  I watched them spin and then would pull some down every now and then to make sure.   Once ur brain knows the images you just have to let go of control and let it rotate more rapidly.   Try to let them go and spin them.   You cant really tell u r doing it but it just feels right and suzanne confirmed for me.

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