Should Breast Cancer Be Considered a FIGHT, a WAR or a BATTLE to Conquer?

Are you currently battling or fighting the war on breast cancer?   Do those words feel right to you – fighting a war or battle with an enemy that has invaded your body?    Those words never felt good to me.   I didn’t like being at war with my own body.  I didn’t like feeling like a victim to some uncontrollable assailant.    I had learned to love my body and treat it well.  Why suddenly would I want to conquer and battle with it?    Maybe I didn’t put much thought into it but rather it was a negative feeling that came over me when I thought of myself at war or in a fight.

Taken from Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling:

Declaring war on a problem isn’t the solution. I’m uninterested in increasing those problems with violent, angry or hateful thoughts or behavior. I anticipate a planet at peace, along with health, abundance and love in my life and in the lives of all others and I know that it’s moving in this direction. I know that for every act of apparent evil, there are million acts of kindness. That’s where I place my attention and what I choose to give away.

Taken from Cancer Is Not a Disease – It’s a Survival Mechanism:

It is easy to become so overwhelmed by the reality of a cancerous tumor that you may impatiently focus on finding a cure and forsake attending to the ultimate less obvious causes of cancer. Cancerous tumor already is the body’s attempt at curing the real cancer, toxicity. The intention to combat cancer is similar to trying to enforce peace by waging a war. This strategy rarely works. If you choose a method to heal make certain that you have no intention to kill something, especially a tumor.


How do you feel after reading the excerpts from those books?   I personally felt relief and reassurance that I was not alone in my belief system and that maybe my thoughts were positive spiritually.   I didn’t mind looking at breast cancer differently than others as long as I had some sort of validation and not SO alone in my thinking.   I wanted to continue to love and support my body and treat it delicately.  I wanted to find out what went wrong in my body that it succumbed to cancer.   I wanted to help it and heal it in a nice way.   Putting harsh drugs to kill the disease in my body did not go along with my belief system.   I pursued other avenues that ultimately felt right to me.   I knew I was on the right path because I felt a sense of excitement and peace.   I knew I was doing right by me and that I would find my healing.   After that discovery healing happened rapidly for me.  In 3 months time it looked like my body had healed and the cancer was gone.   I had a lot more work to do after that as I was shattered from the diagnosis and I knew, intuitively, that there was more to learn about my body.    You can read about my journey in this blog and you can see how it was healing that happened over time but in a peaceful way… battle, no war…just love and self-discovery.

Now doesn’t that FEEL better to you??


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