Special Invitation – Book Review Request – Finally Free! Your Escape from Fear and Worry

Fear and worry are global problems that everyone faces on a daily basis.  You may think that it is normal and just a part of life.  But did you know that it actually holds you back from living and from getting what you really want?   I equate it to holding you captive, like a prisoner.  I never really thought about fear much until I was choked by it when I heard I had cancer while pregnant with my son.  Prior to this diagnosis I thought of myself as a spiritual person.  I took care of myself, mentally and physically and was in tune with my body.   I can say that I didn’t feel exceptional well, but I was in my third trimester and related my symptoms to that of a pregnant woman.

The word cancer threw me into a state of turmoil.  I lost all connection with my peaceful self and could hardly breathe.  I doubted myself.  I doubted God.  That list could have gone on and on but I knew I could not go on in that negative state.  I had to find my way out, and fast, if I wanted to heal.  I struggled with this and I have to say that FEAR was bigger than the cancer.   FEAR was my biggest hurdle and struggle.

As I figured out how to triumph over fear I also found my healing from cancer.  They were inter-related, almost one-in-the-same!   As I learned methods to release my fear, my health improved.  I was able to tune in once again to my inner-guidance and find my path to healing.  Once I got fear out of the way, the answers and healing found me!  That was an amazing discovery.  I later realized that what I learned was not the norm.  Many people struggle with fear and worry throughout their cancer journey.  I also learned that fear and worry are not just affecting people with cancer but hold back many people from living their lives smarter and from fulfilling their heart’s desire.

I decided to write down the methods I used to keep fear out of my thoughts so that I could share them with others.  Upon writing I realized that I had an interesting story to tell.  I found that there are really two types of fear, real fear and false fear.

Real fear is the result of a real life trauma or event.  It hits you like a brick and knocks you to your feet.  It could be a cancer diagnosis, an end of a marriage, a death, an accident, or any other life altering event that leaves you in a state of shock.   When you are hit with real fear, you need quick relief or first aid to help you out of your traumatic state.  As difficult as life can be, you still need to function.  You have responsibilities and people who need you.  It is at these most difficult times that you also need yourself.  You need to be well, find peace, and learn to cope so that you can be in tune with your all-knowing and find the answers you so desperately need.  You will never “hear” your inner wisdom guiding you out of your situation if you are deafened by the chatter of fear.   My book outlines four methods to help you clear the chatter from your mind so that you can tune into your God-given wisdom.

The second type of fear is false fear.  False fear is worry or fear that is created by events that haven’t happened but could happen.  It is only limited by the possibilities your mind can create.  It is endless.  It is the negative chatter that goes on day and night.  It is the what-if scenarios that keep you awake at night.  Most of these things are completely out of your control but take up all of your energy.  It is a waste of precious thoughts, energy and time!   For me my worst false fear was the what-ifs of cancer.  What if it is not really gone?  What if it comes back?  I knew I could not live with this nagging worry either.  It was awful.  It would hit me at times when I least expected it.  The devilish voice that would say, “you have cancer” as I was reading my baby a bed time story or feeding him.  It was at the times when I was most enjoying life that worry would come to try to rob me of my joy.   Knowing that these negative thoughts were not helping me in my recovery I found six methods to keep them at bay and far away.  They still help me today as my worries have matured to concerns about money, income and did I say money?  They could continue endlessly, if I let them.  But I now know that worrying is counter-productive and actually keeps you stuck (like a prisoner) in your current situation.  It is the roadblock that you actually create.  It separates you from your heart’s desire and from healing.

Although I have not yet completed the book, I have three chapters written as well as a complete outline.  This is the book title and outline I have so far:

Finally Free! Your Escape from Fear and Worry

10 simple techniques to release fear and worry so you can handle anything life throws at you…even a cancer diagnosis


Part 1 –Fear and Worry

Chapter 1 – My Dance with Fear
Chapter 2 – Types of Fear – Real & False Fears

Part 2 – First Aid for Real Fear

Chapter 3 – Technique 1 – Practice Detachment
Chapter 4 – Technique 2 – Take a Break
Chapter 5 – Technique 3 – Deal with Only The Present
Chapter 6 – Technique 4 – Summon Your Power
Chapter 7 – Find Your Answers Outside of Fear

Part 3 – Freedom from False Fear – When Worry Plagues Your Life

Chapter 7 – Technique 5 – Evict the Convict
Chapter 8 – Technique 6 – Bust Out Into Nature
Chapter 9 – Technique 7 – Eradicate Toxic Energy
Chapter 10 – Technique 8 – Welcome and Replace

Part 4 – Tools for Living a Life Un-imprisoned

Chapter 11 – Technique 9 – Be Grateful
Chapter 12 – Technique 10 – Ask and Be Guided
Chapter 13 – Commit to Always Be True to Yourself
Chapter 14 – A Life Unshackled

I believe that what I have to say is powerful.  It is a message that I am compelled to share.   In researching what it takes to publish a book one of the very important components is AN AUDIENCE!

In an effort to create an audience as well as get some feedback on what I have written so far, I invite you to read my first three chapters in exchange for a review, advice or whatever else you wish to offer.   I would like to know:

  • After reading the first three chapters, would you be compelled read more? 
  • Did you relate to what I have written and, if so, how?  
  • Do you feel that my message is well-written and unique?

If you are interested – please CONTACT ME and I will email you the PDF files.




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