SpectraVision – BodyScan tool to heal your body

This is the tool that the nutrition center in Langhorne, PA uses.   It detected a gluten allergy which was “right on” as everything has changed since I have stopped eating it.   It also detected the fungus and parasite that is the cancer as well as recommends what would work to get rid of it.  She tests all of the recommendations/supplements, etc and sees how my body responds and it if doesn’t over-react on the machine — we use it.   I only see her once a month…. But so far the results are really incredible.  (This information is not from her website but info I found searching for the method/equipment)

I found another person who does the SpectraVision.  She does the bodyscan in Southampton, NJ.  Her prices are a bit lower as she does it from her home.   If you are looking for someone in your area I recommend pickup up a free health magazine at your local Whole Foods (or other health food store type location).  It is a good resource to find local natural practitioners – possibly better than searching the web.


SpectraVision/BodyScan is a tool for educating and assisting those of you who have chosen a path to higher consciousness, wellness and longevity. We offer the latest advances in Bio-Energy Testing devices and products. SpectraVision/BodyScan represents the cumulative and latest knowledge in the field of Energy Medicine. SpectraVision/BodyScan is a powerful and integrated bioenergetic information system that will accelerate you on your path to enlightenment and health. If you are searching for the answers to your healing we believe we can introduce you to models of health and wellness that will help you re-discover your true nature, thereby eliminating the underlying imbalances that can manifest as physical disease.


It must be known that true healing can be accomplished only when the spiritual nature of the human being is recognized as divine. This new paradigm of living in wholeness and wellness involves “living in process” and it needs continuous attention and reawakening. Health is a self-referral adventure that unfolds progressive layers of vitalistic information, learning and awareness, simply put, the cultivation of our wisdom-mind.

A change in consciousness must come about, a new direction in life must be established, a divine happening must occur within the consciousness of the cells and atoms of the body itself.

Depiction of the subtle energy system of the body

What is Wellness?

* A way of life – a lifestyle you design to achieve your highest potential for well-being.
* A process – a developing awareness where there is no end point, but where health and happiness are possible in each moment, here and now.
* The integration of body, mind and spirit – the appreciation that everything you do, think, feel, and believe, has an impact on your state of health.

An understanding that it cannot be too firmly realized that every Soul in incarnation is down here for the specific purpose of gaining experience and understanding, and of perfecting his personality towards those ideals laid down by the Soul. Let everyone remember that his Soul has laid down for him a particular work, and that unless he does this work, though perhaps not consciously, he will inevitably raise a conflict between his Soul and personality which of necessity reacts in the form of physical disorders… Richard Bach, the father of Flower Essence


SpectraVision /BodyScan– cutting edge energy medicine

Springboarded from the field of non-cognitive biofeedback, BioEnergy BalancingTM offers a unique opportunity to examine various aspects of the energetic body. Although “energetic” testing is not new, this latest innovation called TheSpectraVisionTM is so advanced, that it can measure even the subtlest of changes in the body correlating with the bio-energy fields. TheSpectraVisionTM now opens an exciting view into the energetic patterns of each individual. It creates a view into the energetic signature of each person and is a valuable tool to promote the principles of energetic wellness and balance.

Because of the importance of supporting the energy systems of the body by use of this balancing process, many of the energetic blocks to wellness can be determined. Such blocks may include resonant stress responses to toxins such as pesticides and chemicals, or issues surrounding defenses for viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites or energetic demand for particular vitamins and minerals. It is a completely dynamic system providing energetic insight into skeletal, nerves, organs, glands, hormones, amino acids and hundreds of other aspects of the body. Even emotional aspects that hinder overall health can be identified. During the balance, specific tones or musical compliments or colors etc. that balance the energy systems can be determined right away. Imperfections in the energetic system can be enhanced for balance, using the Harmonizer TM, (an energetic harmonic tuning system). Aspects of the energetic regulating systems of the body can now be fully assessed with incredible accuracy!

What Does the SpectraVision measure?

It measures the stress/galvanic skin responses that interfere with the flow of energy and information along the communication pathways of the body: it “eavesdrops” on the body’s messages, and then balances those messages via the meridians and/or homeopathic remedies.

How: Everything in the universe has a frequency and vibration (E=MC2 means that all matter is just a form of energy, only the vibration rate is much slower). Bioenergy is electromagnetic and flows through the fluid in the mesenchyme just beneath the skin, acting as a communication network. This bioenergetic communication network, which includes the acupuncture meridian system, precedes and directs the biochemical and neurological networks of the body. Without communication there is confusion and chaos, internally as well as externally.

The human body is 70 percent water and acts as a closed water system, like a pool. Stress creates a wave pattern in its reaction to a stressor. So a wave is created when we react to stress, much like throwing a rock into a pond. This system holds the energy signature of thousands of substances. The Multi-Channel System uses electrodes on the right forearm to test skin resistance, and the machine broadcasts a wave for each substance into your body, using very low voltage that you can’t feel, and then measures your galvanic skin response to that signal. In short, bioenergy testing eavesdrops on your communication internet for what is out-of-sequence, out-of-phase, not connected and not coherent.

We don’t diagnose or treat illness: we identify and balance the stressors that underlie those illnesses. We deal with the communication system that spreads that stress response throughout the body. Stress is the basis of most illness, so by reducing/eliminating stress you can promote health and wellness.

What Can the SpectraVision Test For?

· Over 6000 energy signals

· The energy of each meridian

· Organs and glands for cellular function

· Test supplements, products, prescriptions for biocompatibility

· Assess the health and output of the chakras in real time

· Assess cellular spin and polarity and blood toxicity

· Assess proper lymphatic drainage

· Assess emotional causes of imbalance

· Determine stress imbalances at the sub-clinical level

· Determines toxic load, allergic response or energetic imbalance to:

o Chemicals

o Microbials

o Heavy metals

o Bacteria, viruses, fungus, allergens

o Miasms

o Toxic emotions

o Inhalants (pollen, mold)

o Foods

o Nutrients

o Enzymes

o Body systems

o Organs

o Metabolism

o Acid/alkaline balance

o Frequencies


o Color

o Sound

o Vibrations

· Provides information for various types of support you may need including:

o Dietary adjustments

o Supplements

o Environmental alterations

o M.D. or N.D. referral

o Dental problems (cavitations, metals, dental materials)

o Cranial-Sacral Lesions

o Vertebral Subluxations

o Imbalanced acupuncture points

o Nutritional Issues

o Brain, neurological, physiological, structural, glandular sarcodes

o Medical, dental, bowel nosodes

· Provides customized homeopathic remedies specific to your scan



  1. looking for a spectravision scan near me . how do I find one? thank you

    • Hi Bryana,
      Where do you live? I would first try a search on the web with your city and/or state and the words spectravision and then try bodyscan. They may also advertise in free health/holistic magazines that you find at the exit in places like Whole Foods. Magazines like Natural Awakenings, Creating Community and New Visions are ones that are local to the North East.

      You could also try to call Advance Nutrition in Langhorne to see if they have a network. I will ask next time I am there – around mid December.

      The equipment has continued to help me and others that I have referred.

      Best of luck to you!

  2. Lori Little says:

    What is the website to purchase a unit?

    • I have never heard of a person buying this unit. You have to be professional trained to use and interpret the results. It is one of those cases where the equipment is really only as good as the user. Rather – look for an office that uses the Spectravision.


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