Exposure to a Bovine Virus Linked to Breast Cancer

Study Finds:  Exposure to Bovine Leukemia Virus Is Associated with Breast Cancer Interpretation of this study by Dr. V or Breastcancerconqueror.com: A compromised Immune System can be the first link in the chain of events that leads to the development of Breast Cancer. A recent study indicates that women who are infected with bovine leukemia virus […]

Miror EPF Product for the Ultimate Detox – take for healing and disease prevention

Looking for a simple sure way to detox from heavy metals, mercury, vaccination or pesticide poisoning?   (If you have cancer – see the recommendation at the bottom of the page.) How about an easy way to clear your body of fungus, bacteria, parasites, viruses and other pathogens?   Buy EPF Now at a Discounted Price* […]

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