A Note to Someone with Cancer or any other Traumatic Event

As I write my book on how to tackle fear when faced with a traumatic life event, I think about what I would say to console my former frazzled self.   I came up with this letter.   I hope you can see that we always gain strength as we work through our problems.  They are never […]

Special Invitation – Book Review Request – Finally Free! Your Escape from Fear and Worry

Fear and worry are global problems that everyone faces on a daily basis.  You may think that it is normal and just a part of life.  But did you know that it actually holds you back from living and from getting what you really want?   I equate it to holding you captive, like a prisoner.  […]

Finding your Healing Path from Cancer

I could probably write about fear all day. As much as you know it isn’t helpful you may find yourself clinging to it like an old friend BUT.. fear only compounds the problem and keeps you from seeing your healing path clearly and finding the answers you need. It actually attracts what you fear into […]

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