Have Flu-like Symptoms that Won’t Go Away? Fatigue, cough, sore throat…

I have to write about this again (radiation) because this problem is becoming so wide-spread.  When I first wrote about it 2 years ago it seemed like an anomaly. Many people are complaining about not being able to get over an illness or sore throat that won’t go away and the Docs can’t help them.   […]

Radiation Poisoning from the Atmosphere – More Common than You Think

I was strangely ill last month with the worst cold that I can remember having in years.  It persisted for weeks.  Given my history with breast cancer I was very concerned.  I kept thinking it would go away and thought it was just about over when I got a sore throat.  That made no sense […]

How to Detox from Radiation Poisoning or Over-Exposure

I guess I am a guinea pig for everything now. I have been writing articles on fear and find that I have been tested ever since. I think I have passed the test as with each health scare I encounter I have been able to tune into my body and ultimately find the problem. This […]

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