Learn to Rapid Image Cycle to heal yourself

This technique is powerful and not that difficult to learn.   A big part of this CD series talks about how he came upon this method and how it has helped to heal mice of cancer.   It not only healed them but they became immune to future cancer injections.   Suzanne Clegg in NY is currently the […]

Rapid Image Cycling – Suzanne Clegg – Distant Healing Testimonial

Distance Sessions with Suzanne Clegg – www.spiritgate.com – experience testimonial from Louise in Canada. 11/21/12 The distance treatments with Suzanne are going well.  Today we had both my healers in on the session and it was awesome.  Those people are psychic….  I’m a Christian and I know we’re not supposed to delve into that stuff […]

More on Suzanne Clegg of Spiritgate.com and Rapid Image Cycling

Suzanne Clegg of www.spiritgate.com has worked with me both in person and distance.   She is in Long Island, NY.   There is quite a difference in the treatments but she always got me back on track with the telephone sessions.   The in-person treatments were/are amazing.  I will continue to see her periodically as she helps heal […]

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