Taking Black Salve Internally to clear out residual breast cancer – Conclusion

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I finished my 4 “rounds” of taking black salve internally and I survived!   I know many people are afraid to take it internally.   I was monitored once a month at my nutrition center so I can tell you exactly what it was doing.   First it removed all of the old flus from the 80’s and 90’s (I guess hidden in the organs and fat cells?) , then it removed chicken pox, herpes, fungus and German measles.    I was very tired and had some headaches the first few days….then the fatigue came and went.   I also had fungus detox symptoms….like itchiness and athlete’s feet.   I had a bad burning rash around my neck from the skin diseases coming out.     After completing the 4 rounds (20 days on and 5 days off) – I tested at the Nutrition Center that I was done with it….finally!    There was no more disease coming out of my body and my body tested that it didn’t want the salve any longer.

The salve stressed out my lymphatic system while I was cleansing so I had to increase my vit B, vit C, acidolophilus and enzymes.   I also jumped on a bouncy ball and sweated in a sauna to help cleanse faster.   The one thing it did not do was take away my slightly swollen node under my arm.   It DID clean out the fungus in my body and I am happy to report that my tongue no longer has a white film on it like it has for as long as I can remember.    It did not clear out the pesticides that we were found by Mike Carey who reads cellular memory (see other post).

I am glad I found the salve and thing it was an important part of my healing but apparently there was one more door to close.  If Mike is right I should be at optimal health after I clear the pesticides and fix my stuck ICV (Ileocecial Valve).    I may no longer have food sensitivities once this is fixed.   I will know in a week and will report back.
There is an easier less painful way to detox your body. I found the product and have been testing it out and now offer it on my blog. Read more about it. It is called Miror EPF.




  1. Normajean Slagel says:

    What are the scans and testing you had done to know about the flus and skin diseases coming out? How do I find such a place as well that would be well versed in this and black salve? Thanks for sharing you very powerful story.

    • Hi Normajean,
      The equipment that I used is non-evasive (no radiation, etc) called Spectravision Bodyscan. I know of a place in NJ and a place in PA that uses it. I know there are others. I notice that different places use it in different ways. It is suprisingly accurate, I have found and I have come to rely on it with great results for improved health. I attribute it 50% to my cancer recovery. I would first try a search on the web with your city and/or state and the words spectravision and then try bodyscan. They may also advertise in free health/holistic magazines that you find at the exit in places like Whole Foods. Magazines like Natural Awakenings, Creating Community and New Visions are ones that are local to the North East.

      You could also try to call Advance Nutrition in Langhorne to see if they have a network.

      The equipment has continued to help me and others that I have referred.

      Best of luck to you!

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