Taking Black Salve Internally to clear out residual breast cancer – Round 2 Progress

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I wanted to give an update on my black salve progress.

I started to take the black salve internally to clear out any residual matter left after my breast cancer diagnosis in July 2011.  Specifically as a way to clear out the questionable areas found on my MRI in Jan this year as well as a slightly raised node in my right arm (which I have been watching for a while).  I chose not to biopsy everything as the docs suggested but rather to monitor it.   I believe I will do it with a thermogram after I am through with the salve and my nutrition checkups show all is normal.

I am doing this AFTER 1. finding the toxin that caused my body to get into a weakened state (fungus and parasites due to inflammation from eating gluten which it turns out I am sensitive to) I found this out with the help of the Spectra Vision Bodyscan equipment at my nutrition center in PA  2. cleansing my body and treating the fungus and parasites 3. treating my body nutritionally with what it needed to heal and now to maintain with no deficiencies  4.  Also I resumed my normally healthy diet but now without the gluten, virtually no sugar or fruit and regular juicing.  5.  I also had some spiritual/emotional/healing work done with Suzanne Clegg in NY – www.spiritgate.com  6.  I also recently added the Pau d’Arco tea each day.

I just completed my second round of the black salve (4 is recommended).  My first round I was hit hard in the first few days with extreme fatigue and headaches.  Then the fatigue subsided but was still noticeably there.  I went to the nutrition center and the scan showed that old flus from the 80’s and 90’s were coming out of my body (hence the fatigue) as well as fungus.  They were able to give me some remedies to help get the flus out as well as the fungus and help to support my lymphatics along with my normal supplement routine that includes liver cleansing.  It seems that my body wanted more enzymes and more probiotics at this time.

Round 2 – I started to sweat more by doing hot yoga.  This seems to help to move things along faster out of my skin.  I got awful red, scaly, bumpy, itchy, burning patches on my shoulders/neck area which seem to only be helped with parasite cream.   I went to the nutrition center and skin diseases were coming out – Rubella and Herpes and more fungus.   Although I did not have these ever in my life – perhaps they were sitting dormant?   My body wants even more enzymes and probiotics at this time.   She also gave me more powerful tinctures to kill parasites and support my lymph system.  We are able to test all of these to see how my body reacts and if it doesn’t “over-react” on the machine – we know that it is agreeable to my body.   My body still wanted the black salve, liked the Pau d’ Arco as well along with a few of the recommended tinctures.  The patch on my neck is now drying up after being inflamed.

I start round 3 of the black salve on Thursday.  I see the nutritionist again in a month.  I hope to continue to see improvement and hopefully the last of the diseases and fungus coming out.  My nutritionist feels that the black salve is cleaning out a deeper layer.

I will keep you posted.   Any one else take black salve internally?

Also – I put the salve on my step-daughters cluster of warts on her knee that would not go away no matter what we tried.  The black salve went to work and made it red and swollen until it finally fell off.  It left her with a small hole in her knee but it is healing and the warts are gone.

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