The Missing Piece to My Healing – Finally Uncovered!

I think I am finally done with this BC.   It is a feeling I have in my gut that this is it.

This is a note I wrote on two of the cancer yahoo boards I subscribe to:

Some brief history on me… I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago and had my lump removed but no standard treatment other than a sentinel node biopsy which showed cancer in both nodes.  I had horrible rashes (was pregnant when diagnosed) and tired.   I found out the cause of my body going into chaos was gluten.  I worked to heal my body and got to the point of healing.  In 2013 I had a MRI which showed some shaded questionable small masses in my breast and I also have a questionable very small swollen node under my arm.   The only other complaint I had was being extremely tired in the morning no matter what time I went to bed or how much I slept.

I did the black salve internally which seemed to have done a deep cleaning of my body, especially fungus.   Seems the Pau d’Arco tea helped with that as well.  I still was left with the fatigue and swollen node so I was open to finding the missing piece of my healing.

A fellow BC friend from this board called to tell me about this man in Columbia who can read your cellular memory and can help to heal you by determining the cause of your BC.  I figured it was worth a shot and he only charged $75 for the phone consult and follow calls.  She found out about him from a blog she is following:

I called him and he tests your immune system.  He says the highest is 240 for some reason and I tested at 140.   I had only 2 problems.  One was pesticide toxicity and that was the cause of my BC.  The other was a stuck Ileocecial Valve which was causing my digestive problems (gluten and lactose).   He tested my body and I am fine with both so the valve must be the problem.

The remedy for both were simple.  He said that the past 10/10 women he worked with that have had BC all tested high for pesticide poisoning.  So this is worth doing even if you don’t call him….  Take 5g of Vitamin C with rosehips or bioflavoniods for 3 days then 3g for 3-4 days then 1 gram a day.   For the IC Valve – all I had to do was a bentonite liquid, apple juice and psyllium husk mixture for 2 mornings.   He said my swollen node was due to the pesticides.

After doing the vitamin C for 6 days I noticed I had more energy in the morning.   He retested me after 1 days dose of the bentonite and I still had some issues but the pesticides were gone and my immune system went to a 190.   I did another dose of the bentonite and could just tell that I was better as my digestion seems to be normal (or at rest).   We had company over and I felt like pizza (I never eat pizza) and just knew that I would be okay with it.   I ate a record 2 and 1/4 pieces with no discomfort or lethargy…I didn’t even think of my enzymes which I would normally remember to do right away.    I was fine….and awoke full of energy the next day (this never would have happened before.).

I just called him to retest me and to check all of my supplements.   I do not need nearly as many as I did before.  My body was fine with most of them but didn’t need them.   I will keep them on hand when I feel out of balance.  He also offered to retest me any time I feel out of whack (he mentioned no charge for this….so we are only talking $75…he genuinely wants to help people!)  My retest showed that there was nothing wrong with me and that my immune system was fully operating at 240!   I still have the swollen node but he said that my body would reabsorb it in 2-3 weeks.  He said that I could put coconut oil on it and that would help.   He also mentioned to take 1 tsp of coconut oil on an empty stomach if you have a virus.

I wanted to share this with you as he is amazing and truly wants to help people.  He has helped so many people and a bunch of us recently.   I will report back when my lymph node is no longer swollen.  Right now I can say that I feel amazing and my digestion is “normal” and can handle gluten again.   I will continue to be monitored by my Nutrition Center to be sure.  She uses the SpectraVision Bodyscan equipment which does what he does but is a machine.   It for whatever reason did not pick up on the pesticides.  It did pick up on the IC Valve but couldn’t tell us it was stuck open and causing my digestion/absorption problems.

There are other testimonies from some of my friends that have called him – some with late stage cancers and he has helped all of us.  He believes by getting to the core of what is taxing your immune system your body can rapidly heal. (Your immune system can take over because it is fully functioning.)

You can email him with questions…  Mike Carey <>.   He just wants to help as many people as possible.

I will keep you posted on my lymph node.

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