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These are my notes as I went through my healing journey.  My full story starts at the very beginning of this section.

My body responded very rapidly to the change of diet (no gluten or sugar), getting rid of the fungus and parasites as well as the treatments from Suzanne.   Suzanne helped immensely with the emotional and spiritual as well as facing the cancer and why it was there in the first place.


Went to NY for another healing session.  This week I have been feeling exceptionally well.  Had a busy week which normally would have made me feel crabby and have a headache.  Went to DC and had an experience with trains and running late, etc….could have been stressful for me but I managed it extremely well.   Also Larry reported that I don’t twitch in bed anymore.   Patty C. reported that I had a calmer energy about me and was not so chaotic, stressed and frantic like in the past.     I have been image cycling and doing 7 images.  On the train home I added a few more then later all 7 comfortably.   I seem to be able to cycle through some strong emotions as well as pain or discomfort.  I honestly felt I have been able to settle my stomach as well as any tingling in my arm.

I felt some stomach and tingling in my arm on the way to see Suzanne which was weird.  She said it was a little blocked but not nearly like it was.  She said the cancer is about 50 yds away now.  Not completely gone but not entirely focused on me either.   The cycling drives her (the cancer is a she for some reason) away.   She was working to get the flow in my right breast going again and told me to bring in energy through my left breast and flow it out of my right….loving it.    She said that nerves and chaos are a sign of imbalance for the liver types.   My brain still seems to be a little foggy but we are working on that.    She was helping me to LOVE myself even when I “fail” so I am to write down 5 things I do well each day to practice loving myself better.   She was also working to get rid of some trauma from childhood – only thing I could think of was the shooting on Church St and watching my Mom cry.   We worked to let that go.     She felt the cancer was gone and that we just need to do maintenance.

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