Update: The Missing Piece to My Healing

Update from The Missing Piece of My Healing:

Just wanted to give an update on my healing status…

Seems that unsticking my ICV (Ileocecial Valve) really did work!   After drinking the bentonite hydrate solution for 2 mornings my digestion changed overnight.   I can now eat all grains without symptoms; I now feel full and satisfied after each meal; I rarely get the rashes or itchiness that were so common with eating a variety of foods;  I can eat dairy again without the horrible stomach pains.     Not only am I feeling better and “more normal” after eating but I was able to confirm that my body is doing fine with my check-up with the SpectraVision Bodyscan.     The last time I let gluten back into my diet – my body went into chaos with inflammation, stressed immune system and unbalanced hormone along with fungus and parasites.    This time – all was well!   My ICV was no longer stressed and my lymph system and liver were much stronger.    The stuck ICV was causing a number of problems in my body.    I am hopeful that this will only help me on my healing journey.

My raised lymph node is still there, however = (.     I see that as a sign that I am not yet done.    I am still in learning mode and am open to the possibilities.  My journey has opened me up to my inner wisdom and I am confident that I am being guided.    I am keeping my mind and body healthy, listening to the cues when things are off-balance and keep my inner compass unobstructed so I can see what is next for me.    I will keep you posted.
Update – My lymph node is not better and now has a friend. My body, however, shows no signs of disease or issues. I had a normal thermogram as well. I intuitively feel that they are stressed, doing all of the work and are missing the nodes that were removed. I keep reminding myself that cancer doesn’t grow in a healthy body. The nodes just remind me of my journey and my voyage. Mike Carey has since introduced me to a new product that I am in love with – Miror EPF.  The EPF has kept parasites, fungus, bacteria, viruses and pesticides (from GMO foods) away when I take it regularly (2 drops – 2x daily).   It has reduced my need to get regular Bodyscans at my nutrition place which has saved me a lot of money.  I only go for checkups now without the need to constantly treat for “invaders”.   I now purchase the EPF in bulk to buy it more cheaply.   I offer a lower price on the EPF if you are interested in purchasing it.

Mike has continued to help me understand my body – like hiatal hernias, adrenal stress, radiation poisoning and GMO poisoning.  He has helped me immensely in my journey to wellness.   I would highly recommend a call to him if you want an understanding of what is happening in your body.



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