Ways to Balance Your Estrogen Naturally without Drugs

One of the drugs most Oncologists push on those who have had or have estrogen    positive cancer is Tamoxifen or other hormone blocking drugs.   The drugs artificially block the estrogen in your body and can cause many uncomfortable side effects like an immediate introduction to menopause.    I never felt comfortable with this idea and instead chose to find a way to naturally keep my hormones in check.

My nutritionist had a way, using the Spectravision Bodyscan equipment to measure how my hormones were doing.   They were in check right away after clearing my diet of what it perceived as toxins.  At the time my biggest pollutant was gluten.   When the test showed I was no longer sensitive to gluten I started to eat it and continued for a few months before I started to feel sick again.   My next check-up showed that my body was inflamed again, filled with fungus, parasites and my hormones were out of balance.   This was all from allowing gluten back into my diet.  (I later found out that I had a problem in my digestive system and that I was not gluten intolerant.  Once that was fixed I no longer had diet restrictions or issues with inflammation or hormone imbalance.)

My nutritionist had me take Alpha Lipoic Acid to support my hormones.   My sister who is 20 years breast cancer free placed her trust in Shaklee’s soy protein powder as a natural estrogen inhibitor.  Their soy is cold water extracted.   Quote from Shaklee: “By using a cold water extraction technique, you get the very best of the soy and all of the positive things like the phyto-estrogens which inhibit breast cancer and prostate cancer in men.”   I too am using the soy protein regularly as a primary ingredient in my daily protein drinks.

Recently I heard about lignans and was intrigued.  As taken from the article written by Dr. V called Lignans: A Gentle Way to Prevent Breast Cancer:

Lignans are natural plant compounds (as is the soy protein powder I just mentioned), or phytochemicals, that are locked in the cell matrix of certain seeds, beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables. They bare a strong resemblance to estrogen but are much gentler to the body than estrogen. By replacing more aggressive estrogens with lignans in the body, you may reduce your risk of cell mutations─ and of Breast Cancer.

With the added presence of foreign and more aggressive estrogens in the system caused by toxins in the environment and by unhealthy lifestyles choices, the use of lignans for hormone balancing is more important than ever. Although some doctors have expressed concern about phytoestrogens, plant estrogens do NOT act like regular estrogen. Seeds, legumes and beans have been a staple for thousands of years and are supportive, not detrimental to your health.

Most women do not get the right amount of lignans in their everyday diet to make a significant difference. Flax seeds, sesame seeds and certain varieties of kale contain the highest amounts. However, lignans usually pass through the system within 24-48 hours. In order to absorb enough lignans through food, it is important to ingest sufficient amounts on a consistent basis every day.

A study conducted at the University of Toronto found that women who ate muffins with 5 teaspoons of flax seeds per day were able to lower their tumor markers from 30-71%

So if you are interested in balancing your hormones with plant estrogens (lignans) you can add certain foods into your diet like the cold water extracted soy protein, or seeds and kale into your diet.   With lignans on my brain I came upon a discussion on a breast cancer forum where someone mentioned that the practitioner who performed her Thermogram mentioned a product called Brevail.   She said that she normally saw great improvements from women who have added this supplement to their diets.   With that information I was intrigued.   Upon further investigation into the product Brevail I saw amazing testimonials and nothing but rave reviews.   I like that you only had to take 1 capsule daily AND that it was very affordable.   It has been shown to improve breast health, regulate periods, help with breast soreness and other PMS symptoms.   I think it is worth a try.   The best price I have found is on Amazon.

Brevail 30-Count Box – 30 day supply

For more information on Brevail along with Q&A discussion and testimonies click here.



  1. Tammy H says:

    Curious as to what the problem in your digestive system if not gluten intolerant.

    • I found out I wasn’t gluten intolerant like I originally thought although staying gluten free helped with the internal inflammation, itchiness, digestive upsets and rashes. With the help of Mike Carey I found that my ICV was stuck open. He told me a simple way to close it and my life changed. Read the whole ICV story.

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