Weird Experience Today at the Library

I wanted to share my experience that I had today at the library – 3-11-13.   I was there with my son for story time.   He was playing and I was looking for some books for him.   As I was looking an idea came to me that I should look for a book for myself to help me on my healing journey.   I wasn’t sure of what the book would be exactly but I remembered an author – Doreen Virtue.   I had just had an angel card reading and was amazed at how the signs I had been receiving during my healing process were verified.  She thought I would benefit from more of her books.

My son was getting tired and cranky but I headed over to the section I thought the books would be in after looking the authors name in the catalog.   I didn’t remember the exactly number so I had a very difficult time finding her books.   I searched and searched and my son was getting very impatient.   I kept looking and found many other books but nothing felt right.   I thought it was odd that I was struggling so much.   It shouldn’t be this hard if it was meant to be.   I decided to give up while still scanning the books with my eyes as I left to collect my things that I had laid in the aisle.   The aisle was quiet with only me and my son.   I wen to pick up my purse and saw a book laying there face down.   I thought…. what is this book…I don’t remember seeing a book her before.   I turned it around and to my amazement – it was a book by Doreen Virtue – DIVINE GUIDANCE.   How strange – yet how perfect.   My guides found the book for me and placed it by my purse.   Simply incredible.

I opened the book up and the first sentence that struck me (was actually underlined) was “God explained to me how our fears interrupt His communications with us.”

Take that for what it is worth to you and I hope you find and trust your inner guidance.






  1. It’s like Abbie Hoffman’s “Steal this Book”…He recommends you steal it…

    The only way to get a book called Divine Guidance, is, by, Divine, Guidance…funny how things are like that!

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